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How would you like to learn how to build a dolls house, install the electrics, and perhaps decorate it - and at the same time enjoy the delights of a holiday in rural France!
Well you now have the chance to do just that, whether you are new to the dolls house world, or a more experienced collector wishing to extend your skills.  You can learn from a dolls house professional who is offering the opportunity to attend a workshop in a beautiful rural French location, and at the same time enjoy a break in the picturesque countryside and villages of Normandy!
You can attend a five-day workshop - these are run throughout the year, which will enable you to learn new skills and techniques, and receive practical help, as the workshops are tailored to the individual needs of those attending.
A maximum of two or three people attend each workshop so that each person receives as much individual help and attention as possible.  Whilst there is a general theme to the workshops, they are organised so that you can choose the project you wish to do.  This can range from building, wiring and decorating a room box or small shop, to building and wiring a larger house.  Whatever project you choose, you will be guided and helped by a professional.  You will gain new confidence and learn new skills and techniques to help you with new projects back at home, or at your dolls house club.
The courses are run by Bob Willans, a very well known figure in the dolls house world, with more than 35 years experience.  Bob lived near Chichester in Sussex, manufacturing and retailing a range of dolls houses and providing for the needs of collectors at all levels.
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